Update for Querying Writers and Illustrators #1

Hello, authors and illustrators! And my, but there are a lot of you creative folk out there! Since opening to queries two months ago, I have received over 1,300 queriesThat's rather a lot of reading (especially when you add in sample pages and portfolio perusals), but I am grateful for the chance to consider each project, and I've been diligently attacking Query Mountain each day. 

To that end, here's an update: if you queried me on or before MARCH 1, and have not received a request for a full manuscript, I am sorry, but I have determined that I am not the right agent to represent your work. If I have requested a full manuscript but have not yet responded, know that I am still reading, and you will receive a direct response, no matter my decision. My current reading time on fulls is running about 8-12 weeks, and occasionally longer. And if you queried after March 1, I'll get to your query as soon as I can! I will also continue posting regular date-by alerts like this to my blog, to help you know (in the collective sense, at least) whether your query is still under consideration.

And, while I am unable to respond personally to each query due to the sheer volume, please know that I am inspired by each of you who makes the effort to connect with readers by sharing your creative talents. It has likewise been a delight to be reminded by many of you of conversations had and connections made while at writers' conferences or via social media. And to those of you who don't have a personal connection with me, I promise that you're in no way at a disadvantage: in fact, the last two clients I've signed arrived as cold queries in my inbox, and I am now delighted to be working with each of them to further their publishing careers. And lastly, my feline assistant, Captain Von Smooch, has been delighted by the leagues of writers/artists who have paid him homage in their letters. 

More here soon, including an updated Manuscript Wishlist! But for now: back to reading, reading, reading!