Update for Querying Writers and Illustrators #2

Hi friends, just a quick note: if you queried me on or before APRIL 1, and have not received a request for a full manuscript, I am sorry, but I have determined that I am not the right agent to represent your work. If I have requested a full manuscript but have not yet responded, know that I am still reading, and you will receive a direct response, no matter my decision. My current reading time on fulls is slower than my reading time on queries, but I'm hard at work, catching up. Thanks to all of you for your patience as I've worked to find the rhythms of my agenting life over the past few months. Thanks, too, to all who have chosen to query me--I'm sincerely sorry that I cannot say yes to all of you (but since Query Mountain has now grown in excess of 2,000 queries in 4 months, I'd need about 600 extra sets of eyes and hands to make that happen)!