Update for Querying Writers & Illustrators, Feb. 2017

Oh, dear. Remember the days when we all used to regularly update our blogs? Clearly, I'm not so good at it as I once was (you're more apt to find me on Twitter)! But a few housekeeping updates: 

1. Last month marked my one-year-iversary of the Agenting Life. Thanks for being here with me.

2. If you queried before 2/25/17 and have not had a personal response requesting a full manuscript, I'm sorry, but I've concluded that I'm not the right agent for your work, so it's a pass for me. 

3. This also means that Query Mountain has, for but a fleeting moment, been vanquished! (That's about 5K queries over the course of 13 months, for those who like stats.)

4. If you're waiting to hear from me on a requested full, I'm sorry! I read every query and full manuscript myself (no interns, no assistants, no outside readers, plus client needs always take precedence) and so I can only read at the speed of, well, my eyeballs. But I am working very hard to catch up. You'll hear from me soon. 

5. And if you're in the querying trenches, do take heart: a full half of the offers of representation (including both authors and illustrators and author/illustrators) that I made over the last 13 months have been to writers/illustrators who arrived in my submissions inbox otherwise entirely unknown to me. And every time the process works successfully like this, I absolutely cheer, so please do keep your queries and submissions and portfolio shares coming.

6. If you're the conference-attending sort, I've recently updated my Events page with some places I'll be in 2017. I'd love to meet you at one of them 

7. Captain Von Smooch sends greetings to all who have taken time to acknowledge him in their queries. He'd add a personal note here, except that as of late he's been spending his time obsessed with the artistic practice of breaking the fourth wall and with discovering new endings. Literally. 

Happy writing and art-making, friends!