My submission guidelines echo those on the main Root Literary website. If you are seeking representation, please send a query letter plus the following:

AUTHORS: First 10 pages of your completed manuscript in the body of an email to No attachments. If you have a synopsis available, please paste it at the end of your email, after the 10 sample pages. A synopsis is not required, but I do find it helpful.  

PICTURE BOOK AUTHORS: Sorry, Root Literary is not currently seeking authors who only write picture book texts at this time. (While we do represent authors who write picture books in addition to other genres, but are not seeking picture books as primary submissions.) If you are both writer AND illustrator, or part of an author-illustrator team, we welcome you to submit as follows: 

AUTHOR-ILLUSTRATORS and GRAPHIC NOVELISTS: attach a lo-res book dummy (at least 2 full-color spreads), or sample of a longer illustrated work + links to your online portfolio/Instagram to You may also direct us to a password-protected version of the dummy hosted on your website. No shared Google Drive files.

ILLUSTRATORS: attach 3-5 lo-res sample illustrations + include links to your online portfolio/Instagram/other hosting site to No shared Google Drive files.

If you wish to query me in specific, rather than generally querying the whole agency, please include my name in the subject line of your email. (Note: we regularly pass submissions back and forth, so a no from one of us is a no from all of us. Please do not re-query me with projects that other agents at Root Literary have already passed on, or with projects that I passed on while at my previous agency.) You can read more about what I'm most actively seeking via the Wishlist tab above.

Once you submit a query, you will receive an automated response confirming receipt and noting our current turnaround time for response. If you receive an offer of representation from another agent and we haven't yet replied, please do send us an alert.