Currently, I'm most actively seeking:

Fiction (Middle Grade & Young Adult)

Graphic Novels / Graphic hybrids (Children’s / Middle Grade / Young Adult / Nonfiction)

Illustrators (especially those who also write / have ambitions to write )

Nonfiction (Middle Grade / Young Adult / Adult)

I am NOT currently seeking picture book texts unless the author is ALSO a professional illustrator or a direct referral from an industry or personal contact.  

If you are an author & illustrator of picture books, I gravitate in three directions (though not necessarily all at once):  sweet & gentle, wittily subversive, or outright silly. I'm rarely, if ever, drawn to snark. 

On the adult side, I selectively represent narrative nonfiction, most often in categories of education; pop science/linguistics/culture; travel writing; or food writing/memoir. I occasionally represent women's fiction.

In nonfiction, I primarily seek authors with well-established platforms. For different kinds of writers, this may mean different things, including: social media; podcasts/blogs; articles/essays; speaking engagements; online courses; participation in or founding of digital/real-life communities, etc. As an agent, I'm eager to strategize with you about how a book/literary career might further impact and enable your work and platform, and to support you in developing unique, authentic ways of empowering collaboration and exchanging value between your existing community and your identity as an author. 

In all categories, I'm drawn to:

Thoughtful, character-driven explorations of universal truths and specific experiences: I’m looking for stories that evoke a powerful sense of connection between a reader’s life and your story.

A vividly-portrayed, strongly-depicted sense of place (whether real, imaginary, or reimagined): where the richness of the setting or world-building has powerful influence on character/voice/plot development. (Having grown up in Texas, I hold an especial fondness for Southern voices.)

Friendship stories for every age / category, since our sense of self is so often shaped by our friends: "Band of misfits becomes a family" is a favorite trope of mine, as are books that might best be described as "the love story of a friendship," rather than a romance.

Stories of heartbreak, heartache, & heart-healing. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, humor!   In short, I seek books (& characters!) with the power to make readers laugh, cry, think, or feel, deeply. 

Stories that are ground-breaking or inventive in their structure, style, format, themes, voices, or plot, while also having a strong emotional core. (Think: re-tellings, genre mashups, speculative fiction, and other stories based on a compelling "what if.") I get excited when an author finds a new, utterly unexpected way of telling a seemingly-familiar tale, or builds a world that diverts from history, science, or reality as we know it, alongside of a character we can't forget. If it's never been done before but you're convinced that you're the person who can pull it off (whatever it is!), then I want to read it. 

Magical realism: I can't get enough of stories with worlds that appear much like our own, but that have a touch of the fantastical or extraordinary. (Note: magical realism is different than fantasy.)

Cinematic writing and memorable characters: if readers are dream-casting in their heads while they read because of your vivid characterizations, sweeping settings, and amusing wordplay, that's a good thing! We want readers rapidly turning pages, but also deeply invested in who your plot is happening to. 

Masterful storytelling that pairs richly-developed, memorable characters with powerful stakes and a compelling plot. I’m looking for stories that will start a trend, define a generation of readers, and surprise, delight, and resonate with readers worldwide.

Nonfiction narratives about creativity, storytelling, community, connectivity, and friendship/love/family in all its forms; the intersections of unexpectedly-connected topics; and facts that illuminate a universal human story. A good rule of thumb: if it would make for a fascinating TED talk, chances are I'll be intrigued.

#OwnVoices narratives that authentically portray lived experiences that have been historically underrepresented in books for young people, particularly those written by marginalized voices.

Diversity in all its facets. Because our books should represent our readers. All of them. 

At this time, I do NOT represent: prescriptive nonfiction (i.e. self-help or diet books), adult thrillers, adult crime fiction, adult SF/F; picture book texts (see above); poetry; chapbooks; screenplays; or erotica. 

No paper, phone, or in-person queries, please.