Currently, I'm most actively seeking:

  • middle grade (MG) fiction and nonfiction
  • young adult (YA) fiction & nonfiction 
  • Illustrators (illustrators who also write or have ambitions to write are especially welcome) and kids/MG/YA graphic novelists. 

Note: I am NOT currently seeking picture book texts unless the author is also a professional illustrator or a direct referral from an industry or personal contact.

In all categories, I'm drawn to character-driven explorations of universal truths and experiences; plots driven by a compelling "what-if"; a vivid sense of place/setting/world-building; vividly-portrayed and meaningful relationships between characters; groundbreaking themes, formats, and voices; masterful, original writing; and stories that will surprise and delight readers. Please note: my blog contains more details about, as well as regular updates to, my manuscript wishlist

On the adult side, I selectively represent: women's fiction, memoir, and narrative nonfiction, most often in categories of pop science, pop culture, travel writing, and food writing/memoir. I'm particularly drawn to nonfiction narratives about creativity, culture, storytelling, community, connectivity, and friendship/love/family in all its forms; the intersections of unexpectedly-connected topics; and those that underscore a universal human story, whatever the context. A good rule of thumb: if it would make for a fascinating TED talk, chances are I'll be intrigued.

In adult categories and children's/MG/YA nonfiction, I primarily seek authors with well-established platforms. For different kinds of writers, this may mean different things: social media followings, blogs and/or podcasts, magazine articles and essays, speaking circuit engagements, online course teaching, participation in or founding of online or in-person communities, etc. As an agent, I'm eager to strategize with you about how a book/literary career might further impact and enable your work and platform, and to support you in developing unique, authentic ways of empowering collaboration and exchanging value between your existing community and your identity as an author. 

At this time, I do NOT represent: prescriptive nonfiction (i.e. self-help or diet books); adult thrillers, adult crime fiction, or adult SF/F; picture book texts (see above); poetry; chapbooks; screenplays; or erotica. No paper, phone, or in-person queries, please.